The False Love Gospel that deceives many   new link

Adventures In Healing With The Gospel in The UK

A clear gospel message written by Zac Poonen download the pdf file here

Gospel Centered Evangelism and Discipleship

"Hell's Best Kept Secret" Ray Comfort online video video icon

Gospel Song based on the Gospel in scripture

Paul Washer Youtube video on "many deceived churchgoers"who are unconverted:

How to share the Gospel clearly

The Proto-Gospel In The Old Testament by RC Sproul

What is The Gospel by Zacharias Ursinus (1534 - 1583)

Organic Outreach: The 3 Stages in the Process of Evangelism from Tim Briggs on Vimeo.

Organic Outreach: What is Successful Evangelism? from Tim Briggs on Vimeo.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Many resources on the Gospel

Adventures In Christianity - a community of Christian evangelists with great resources to help you share the Gospel.

Is Your Evangelism God-Centred?" - YouTube Video

A God Centred Gospel by Brian L Watts

"God Is The Gospel" - online e-book (pdf) by John Piper

"Do Not Sell The Gospel" by John Piper

"8 reasons Why I Don't Share my Faith" excellent, funny, YouTube Video

YouTube 8 minute video on dangers of False Conversion

Aggressive Christianity Catherine Bramwell Booth

Dangers Of Altar Call Evangelism

Evangelism Course Comparison Guide

A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

DISCOVER JESUS is a UK evangelistic website based around a train journey

True and False Conversion Ray Comfort online video video icon

Keith Green "Asleep In The Light" song 5 minute YouTube Video

How to be effective in sharing the gospel 10 minute Youtube video

How the Bible Preaches The Gospel

Preaching So As To Convert Nobody by Charles Finney

Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God - famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

The Demise of Gospel Preaching In The Modern Evangelical Church

YouTube Video "We've Lost The Gospel" 72 minute online video by Andrew Strom

The Greatest Danger Facing The Church - from well meaning pastors on the Gospel

The Jesus Film online (in dozens of languages)

Group For Evangelisation (Churches Together in England, UK)

Why do people who need Christ reject Him- and what can be done about it?

Online training for online evangelists

Evangelism Toolbox

Navigators - one verse evangelism

Way Of The Master

Arthur Blessit's website

How To Witness On The Internet

List Of OT Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus

World Christian Missionary Resources - a HUGE site

Answers For Atheists and Agnostics

Witnessing To Hindus

Gospel For Muslims (1) also (2)

Messianic and Jewish Web Links

The Watchman's HUGE A-Z list Of Cults And Religions

Web Evangelism Bulletin

Communicating Effectively in Evangelism

Holiness UK

Evangelism team (US site)




Christian Search Engine

Zoecarnate - Sites Unseen Mighty Christian Portal

Am I Truly A Christian?

New Christian UK

Desiring God online e-book (pdf) by John Piper

Pray Like This - exploring and resourcing Christian prayer


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:: A few years ago, a young evangelist moved into an area in Asia famous for its violent resistance to Jesus. The radical religious opposition immediately came to his apartment, making their intentions clear: "We'll kill you if you stay here and preach!" The evangelist only smiled. "I came to die," he replied. Today his church has 200 members. ::

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