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J.I. Packer, in our day, is surely right when he says:"one of the most urgent tasks facing evangelical Christendom today is the recovery of the gospel."

This British website therefore sets out to deal with the question: "What Is The Biblical Gospel?" and goes on to consider how the Gospel message used in evangelism today is often altered, radically, from the original message preached in the 1st Century.

:: A bible-based sample gospel message::

:: What is the gospel?::

:: How should we apply it?::

:: Dangers of a False Gospel::

:: Man-centred Gospel::

:: Two views of the Gospel - Man centred and God Centred::

video:: Eight Reasons Why I Do Not Share My Faith ::

video:: Get paid For Sharing The Gospel? ::

RT Kendall writes in early summer of 2015: "The gospel is always under siege, particularly at a theological level. The enemy will always seek to rob the gospel of both its stigma and power. I applaud those who affirm Paulís teaching of the blood of Christ propitiating the justice of God. Our calling is not to make the gospel palatable but to tell it as it is, and this includes the unpalatable truth about Godís wrath and the judgement to come".

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